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narratives and recommendations

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Assume you have multiple problems in a single category such as electrical. There are 8 different problems and each one needs an electrician to fix.

Do you think it is ok to begin the electrical section of the report with a single narrative paragraph that includes the recommendation relative to a description of problems that you list below?

The other way is to be quite redundant by saying, get and electrician....get an electrician...get an electrician....get an electrician....over and over and over....

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That's what I do.

When a system has a pile of defects, I list several of the worst, state flatly there are more, also state that w/this sort of mess there are probably even more where I can't see them, etc.

I then tell them to have a (whatever) tradesman look it all over and tell them specifications for repair and what it will cost.

I understand the need to list specifics in some cases, but when it's a single system w/lots of problems, most of it usually ends up coming out anyway, so what's the point(?).

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