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Roofing contractor in Dallas, TX.?


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Hi Minh,

I don't know of any roofers in the Dallas area. I suggest checking with the National Roofing Contractor's Association (NRCA) at http://www.nrca.net; they have a membership directory on their site. While you are there, check out their consumer page and you'll find some good information there.

Have you done the roof yet? Unless you are experienced at roofing, trying to install a new roof yourself may end up being a disaster; it's not as easy as it looks and there are a lot of details that, if you don't get them exactly right, will allow that roof to leak and will end doing damage to your home - damage that, in the end, might cost you more than what you've saved by doing the roof yourself.

Good luck, and keep in mind that, if you do the roof yourself, that you need to get it right because someday when you go to sell some home inspector is going to take a very critical look at that roof and won't have anything good to day abouit work that doesn't look like it was done by a professional.



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Originally posted by tampc

I'm refinance my home loan and they requite me to replace the roof, so I do replace it my self, and they do need the contractor to verify (certified) that roof is done in correct way, IS you know any in Dallas or near by city willing to do that? Please email me.


Contact me via e-mail and I can give you some roofing companies that you can review/interview for your roofing work.

I'm in the Dallas area.


972-922-2111 - Direct

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