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A Little Paint With Your Juice...

Kyle Kubs

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From yesterdays inspection. I've seen panels get a little over-spray before but this is a step above. Looks like it was during initial construction back in 1965. They must have had the panel wide open while painting contractors were spraying the house. Even got the sub panel too.

I pulled several breakers and the bus underneath was coated also. The house has changed hands several times over the years and this has never been taken care of.

Interesting main panel. Probably only the second split bus I've ever seen from Cutler-Hammer. The hot bus has little nipples sticking out that the breakers clip onto. Anyone know when they discontinued this design?

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Hi Kyle,

Yeah, I see something similar in a lot of the condo conversions. The developers pay the cheapest bidder to come through and paint everything off-white and they aren't paying the painter (at least in the painter's mind, I guess) for the time it takes to put a piece of masking paper over the panel.

OT - OF!!!


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