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Where's my inspection report?

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Don't feel bad. I came back from an inspection a couple of weeks ago to find that my computer, in its infinite wisdom, had decided that my card had inexplicably become "unreadable". There was no canine involvement. About half my photos were lost. Fortunately, it was a newer, smaller home with relatively few problems and I still had my voice notes so I didn't lose any actual data.

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Originally posted by AHI

Originally posted by hausdok

What is it, a circuit breaker?

OT - OF!!!


Data card. It pops out of the digital camera with all the pictures stored on it and then goes into the computer for upload. Luckily there was no important data on this card. But it made me think....what if?

Hell, that must be why that old brick of a 1998 digital camera I've got doesn't work. There's a slot there with something missing! Here is was thinking that it was me.

Huh, maybe I'll get a forklift and carry it down to Radio Shack in the morning and see if they can't hook me up.



(Come to think of it - it was me.)

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If you want to get a data card for an older camera you might want to check to see if your computer has built in interface that will accept such a card. If it does not then you can get a transfer device (USB) that will probably do it.

By the time you get what you need to make it work you're half way to the price of a new cam anyway. I bet your computer already has an SD slot for data transfer. If so, consider getting a cam that uses an SD card.

SD is the one pictured above that my beagle chomped. It's about the size of a postage stamp.

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