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Stolen Keys

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This has nothing to do with home inspections, but I thought some of you wiser gentleman would have some ideas for me.

I left my ring of keys hanging from my work truck door at lunch today, and walked over to talk to some buddies at another vehicle for about 10 minutes. (won't do that again). I was not in sight of my driver side door where the keys were, but was only about 15 feet away from the truck. I got a business call, so I walked back to my truck only to find the keys gone.

My buddies and I started to search around and found a homeless man in the bushes drinking a 40 less than 50 feet from my truck in the line of sight of my driver side door.

We questioned him with no satisfaction. I then called the police who showed up 30 minutes later. We found the homeless guy, but by that time he was half a mile down the road. The police searched his pockets, and the keys were not there.

The key chain had my house keys, shop key, etc.

I called DMV to see whether someone could use my license plate numers to get my current address-- they said no (I am still not sure about that). I also have the name of by business on the side of my truck (easy to find my address with anyone with half a brain).

How concerned would you guy's be regarding a future break in? I think I am going to change all the locks to the house (just changed 4 months ago[:-censore), but wonder if any of you have any other ideas, etc.

I am thinking that nobody would go through all of the effort to steal my keys just to break into my house, because it is so easy to break into a home without the keys.

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I am thinking that nobody would go through all of the effort to steal my keys just to break into my house, because it is so easy to break into a home without the keys.

While I hope you are right, I also can't see why anyone would just want to walk around with extra keys in their pocket. Was it a particularly nice key chain? I know I'd sleep better (because the wife would) by changing the locks even though Dudley is a very good and loud guard dog. BTW...it's not clear if they were also your truck keys. If so, I'd worry more about having the truck or tools stolen.

Pain in the toosh. Sorry!

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Hey Richard,

They were my truck keys (truck key stuck in door lock at the time). The key ring was just a ring... nothing fancy.

I considered not telling my girlfriend, because I knew how that would go. I may now have to purchase a couple of watch dogs, hire a security guard when we are not home, etc.

All written while some A- hole is walking around with my keys jangling in their pocket wondering what kind of loot they may end up with............

oh well- I'm off to get some locks since my report is finally done

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At my wedding, my best man drove my 2 month old Lincoln Town Car from the church to the reception, while we took the limo. The valet parked it and it was quickly stolen (the valets left the keys on top of the tires). It had my luggage, wallet and keys.

During the toast, I was on the phone canceling my credit cards. Before leaving for our honeymoon (in a Blazer), I went home and changed the locks.

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In 1992 or '93, my keys were stolen as I went through security at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia.

I put my keys, coins, etc. in the basket. As the basket went down the conveyor, I walked through the metal detector. The basket came through without my keys in it. When I asked where my keys were, I got shrugs. I figured, they may have my keys, but they won't be of any use without an address to go with them, so I just walked away without pursuing it.

I was very glad I had decided to take the bus that day instead of driving from Bethlehem. The loss of the keys didn't upset me too much, but being stranded in Philadelphia with no keys would have really ticked me off.

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