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stick hand in wet sump pit

John Dirks Jr

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You know, that's a good thought. I'm an admitted dumbass; I've stuck my hand in a few thousand sumps.

Then one day last year, I was trying to figure out why a diaphragm switch wasn't working and WHAM! Major shock in the hand.

I got re-schooled in jobsite smarts. A little lesson in who's the dummy.


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Go here: http://www.hydromatic.com/effluent/spd50.html

Instead of a float, you will see a black chamber next to the pump.

On the bottom of this chamber is a rubber diaphragm. As the water in the sump rises it creates pressure on the diaphragm and activates the pump. From the chamber is a tube that runs up the power cord to the plug.

In the attached picture is a hydro-matic plug with the white vent tube. If you suck on the tube you will cause the diaphragm to pull up much as it would from water pressure. This will close the switch and activate the pump.

Now, when you suck on the tube you must then place a finger over the tube to prevent air from re-entering and filling the partial chamber vacuum that you created by sucking air out. Plug the plug into the outlet with finger on vent tube and pump will run until you remove the finger, then pump shuts off.

By plugging in the secondary plug you bypass the pump switch and only confirm that the pump runs - this will not confirm the switch's function which sometimes has failed.

Image Insert:


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