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First off I want to say that you all have been so wonderful in answering my questions, giving me suggestions on dealing with officials and others, etc. I have learned more in the last month then I would had in a year from you all.... xoxo [:-slaphap

I need to get copies of code books for my state of ND... So for instance plumbing... I know ND uses the UPC.. Do I order UPC 2000 edition? Is there a need to have older additions? And is there ND plumbing code that supercedes sections in the UPC?


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What I read (and posted) the other night indicated that the North Dakota State Building Code states:

Section 2901 shall be amended to reference the North Dakota State Plumbing Code instead of the International Plumbing Code.

I'm assuming ND wrote their own plumbing code.

ND also has other amendments to the international codes: http://www.nd.gov/dcs/assistance/docs/07bcode.pdf

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Originally posted by jodil

I am too new and unedubacated yet to know even where to look. So you are saying that states will use a universal or "national" code source such as UPC but then also modify certain sections to create "state code? Is that correct?

Yes, that's almost always the case.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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