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sump location

John Dirks Jr

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Exterior grade and where the pump(s) discharges to the exterior definitely affect the pit location(s). Another factor is where does it least impact the design and ease of access for servicing and inspecting, especially if a finished basement is planned. In large homes we often show more than a single pit. If there is more than one level in the basement, for obvious reasons, the lowest floor slab has to include a sump pit.

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Originally posted by AHI

How does lot grade play into the role of the location of a sump pump? If you have a significant slant to the grade, is there a specific reason why it should be located on either side?

What are some other factors in exercising best practice when deciding the location of a sump pump?

In my area, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. The sump pump only drains a radius of about 3-5 feet around it.

Without a system of drain tiles, sump pumps are nearly useless.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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