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The Poor HI's Working Vacation

Brian G

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While I was spending money today I signed up for the May 22nd Pool & Spa Inspection course at ITA Florida. With my usual cunning and guile I was able to convince the wife to spend a couple of days lounging in Tampa (I'm soooo smooth). We go down on Friday, I'm in class Saturday while the wife and kids are at the beach, we all spend Sunday at Sea World (and possibly an alligator farm), then head home Monday. A little whiz-bang-boom, but it beats nothing.

Some supposed hot-shot named Kramer, Crammer, something like that, is teaching the thing. Norm, you heard of this guy? Probably doesn't know any more than I do. [:D][:-dev3][:D]

Pools aren't a big item here, but it may help with some of the high-end clients and it's continuing ed.

Brian G.

Another Weapon in the Ole' Bat-Belt [:-batman]

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Well I'm off to Tampa in the morning, you boys will just have to limp along without me somehow. I'm sure some of you would love to pile in with me, the wife, the phone-addicted girl, and the high-energy / low-patience 6 year old boy for the many long hours of riding in the minivan, but I'm afraid we're full up this time. Maybe next year. [:D]

Brian G.

If They Start Singing "99 Bottles", I'm Taking It Right Into a Bridge Abutment [:-crazy]

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