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My first home inspection

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The very first home that I ever inspected just went on the market here in Seattle. The buyer/present owner - a young lady about 28 - had to borrow money from her parents to buy it.

In May of 1996 they were asking $212,000 and she paid less than $190,000. In today's Seattle market, a series of pre-offer inspections will probably be done, a bidding war will ensue and she'll probably get at least $50,000 over asking price.

As far as I know, she never lived in it. She had the roof replaced right away, patched a big old hole in the ceiling on the 2nd floor, patched the stucco, put in a new front sidewalk and some shrubs and had the house painted.

The kitchen and bathrooms are still vintage early 20th century and the cast iron boiler in the basement is the original - converted from coal to gas and wrapped in miles of asbestos, of course.

Tidy little profit for an 8-year investment.

You never forget your first time



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I assume you meant $500,000.00 not $50,000.00. At any rate, looking back on my career, if I had the address of every client I did an inspection for during my first year in business I would send them back their money. I can't believe how little I knew about that which we were charged with reporting at that time. Thank God it wasn't as a litigious market as it is now. I can say this since the clients are long past their statute of limitation for filling suit.


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