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Sunroom added on .

Doug welborn

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I'm trying to get started home inspecting,I"m practicing on friends and family homes right now trying to get experience and up to speed .This home was a friends mother-in-laws

Image Insert:


113.83 KB.The sunroom was previously a deck,It appears to me to be a ledger board on brick veneer.Doesn't It need support post next to the house? I need Imput!

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That all depends on how it's tied into the house.

If they removed the veneer and actually tied into the framing with a good solid connection, and provided that there are proper flashings at the roof-wall intersection between the house and the roof of the 3-season porch, you would not need to have posts next to the house. If they anchored it to the veneer, one would have good cause to be leery of that. If they anchored it to the framing but there's a way for water to get behind that veneer and flow down onto that framing behind the brick, there's a reason to be leery of it.

That looks like a garage beneath it. If they went through that wall and tied into the second floor in order to add that deck, you might be able to detect the work at the ceiling of the garage. If not, at least explain your concern and warn that there's no way to confirm that the 3-season porch is solidly attached without some kind of invasive inspection.



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When dealing with decks (this is a modified deck) you need to be concerned with a complete and secured load path. Ledger attachment is only 1 concern.

Are the footings big enough? Minimum is 12 inches square.

Are the columns connected to the footings? The beam to the columns?

Another concern I have is are the columns protected from vehicle damage?

Check this out


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