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Upcoming "Why Do Customers Buy?" Seminar

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WHY doesn't Apple, Inc. fill their ad space with a list of technical features? Their competitors do. If you are an Apple customer, the WHY has something to do with the obvious and elegant design. The assumption is that if it looks this amazing...it probably is...and YOU are smart enough to get it. The message is...we're the other guys, the anti-Microsoft (anti-establishment)...the ones who are going with the flow instead of battling the current. The WHY is extremely cool.

My friend Simon Sinek is teaching me about the WHY. Be sure to join our next Teleseminar on April 15th. Simon is our Guest Star. Simon is the master at asking...and helping you answer...the BIG question.

My WHY? I believe in the power of business. I believe that YOU have everything you need...in your head and your heart...to discover how you can deliver your unique gifts and services to the world...and to be rewarded for that. And, as you receive you expand. An honorable exchange of our gifts and services with each other across the planet is a beautiful thing. It's our best shot at world peace.

You can do that. You can build a business of your dreams. Whatever you want. I can help you pull that idea out of your head and focus your actions. I can help you be a good financial steward. Mostly, I can help you see that you have everything you need...in your head and in your heart...to be do and have anything you want. Business is an amazing way to express your WHY.

Want to share your WHY with me?

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