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Ceiling in sunroom

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It looks like the stuff they often use to line the men's room in fast food restaurants and convienience stores (used to be metal, now it's mostly fiberglass). It has that same texture. If it is that stuff, it's tough as hell.

Brian G.

"Say there Bob" Jack said as he stared curiously at the ceiling of the sunroom, "where have I seen that stuff before?" [:-slaphap

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Take out a panel and look at it from the side. If it's about <1/8" solid and looks like "plastic", it's FRP (fiberglass reinforced panel). There are also very cheap panels that look like +- 3/4" fiberglass insulation with a layer of textured "plastic like" film on the surface.

In certain areas in hospitals, like in operating rooms, they require "washable" tiles. One type is 1/2" sheetrock with a "vinyl like" covering on it. It also has the texture as shown in the picture.

Like I stated, look at it from the edge.

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Hard to tell without seeing more of the ceiling, but it looks to me like the interior aluminum skin of a rigid foam roof panel used for patio rooms and the like. Is the panel seamed only on the "long" side, or is it also seamed every 2' of the run? Easy to tell if it is a lay-in panel by pushing up on it.

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