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Hi Doug,

Yeah, it should have stopped a little shy of the brick and there should have been a piece of sloped flashing there with a little gap between the bottom of the siding and the flashing. Can't tell if that soldier row is sloped or not - it should slope slightly. That's T1-11 plywood. It's a structural sheathing/siding, so it may extend all the way to the sill behind that brickwork. Is it possible that the brick was added to the house after it was built to dress it up appearance-wise? If so, that might explain why there's no flashing there; whoever did the brickwork might not have known how to add flashing where the siding is the sheathing instead of being applied on top of the sheathing.

Check these out. If you aren't already registered with APA, you'll have to register to get the first one. It takes about a minute to do so, it's free, and they don't spam you so it's not a big deal.

http://www.apawood.org/pdfs/download_pd ... d/A530.pdf

http://www.bia.org/pdfs/Builder_Notes_1 ... N=33321096



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