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2 bucks a gallon is better than walking 19 miles carrying three ladders, two briefcases and a giant tool bag.

It's also better than digging a mile deep hole and recovering some viscuous goo that I'd have to refine in my garage laboratory.

It's much worse than 1 dollar a gallon.

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Gas prices in Calgary 85.2c/liter

.852/ liter X 3.78533= $3.23/ US Gallons

Now let's don't get into the exchange thing.

Whenever I visit the neighbours the prices similar, MacDonald's 5 dollar meal is 5 bucks here.

I suggest we revisit Jim' post.

Beer (the real stuff) a case of 12 bottles $22.50

Welcome to Canada

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Whatever you're paying for gasoline, water, sewage disposal, trash removal, electricity, natural gas, #2 heating oil, diesel, and especially beer is a bargain.

What would you pay if any of these were difficult to come by?

We're spoiled folks,


While Jet Setting on Lake Balatone two years ago it was over $2.50 per liter. I was thankful to have rented a VW Golf!


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Spoiled we are!!

I have to agree with Chad though, after pulling/dragging/kicking my tools a 1/4 mile (probably before that) I'd be glad to pay 3 bucks or more per gallon and let Mr. & Mrs. Homebuyer take the hit for my gas bill.

Or you could tie a little red wagon on behind a moped. If you're really serious, try a rickshaw.



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