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Attic Venting

Mike Lamb

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The 2000 IRC defines "attic," as:

The unfinished space between the ceiling joists of the top story and the roof rafters.

I don't care for the wording.

The seller does not belive the left and right roofs have attics and does not believe there should be an access to either. My guess is each has about 4' of attic ht. The left roof had no upper roof vents, only soffit vents and I'm worried about trapped moisture. Any comments?

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There are attics, unless it was exposed framing on the interior. There should be access and they should be vented. I wouldn't suggest they add access solely for the purpose of an inspection. I couldn't tell what type of roofing material was installed on these sections. If it's fiberglass shingles they will need some venting. If it's tile, it's marginal but certainly could be better.

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Call 'em whatever you want. There's overhead space up there, it's collecting moisture, and if it isn't vented, it's going to be a mold farm.

If that's still another of these inner City wonder palaces w/every conceivable icon pretty thing, and scant or nonexistent attention paid to building science, I'd say it's gotta have vents. I wouldn't give a damn what the seller thinks, because they don't know anything.

I had one of those last year where the architect insisted I was a jerk and didn't know what I was talking about. He convinced my customer of the same. About 6 months into winter, my customer called and wanted to know why there was water dripping out of the recessed lights.

Yes. Condensation so bad, it was running water.

Stick w/your guns. It needs vents.

Where was it? Looks like River North(?)...

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