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I have to inspect this house Wednesday. I'd like your opinions on two things.

One is the chimney flashing. Good clearance to shingles but look how it ends. Second it looks like they added the layer of shakes on the sides. The window trim is flush with the shake. I can't see any type of a drip cap anywhere. Sorry the photos are from the street. The client believes this was a gut rehab.


Still a newbe.


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If it's a "gut rehab", it's probably got all manner of stupid stuff. I don't know any competent contractor that uses that worn out term.

If it's EIFS, you can pretty much count on it being wrong. I have never in my career seen one installed properly.

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I agree that there should be a kick out flashing, there should also be 2" clearance between the EIFS and the roof deck.

At best. that is a very difficult place to flash and/or seal.

Ditto what Kurt says too. I seen some jobs that were worse than others, but I've never been able to say "hey, they did it right."

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You can see stains running down the chimney at the joining of the roof and the chimney. Already a RED FLAG! I would be willing to bet that it is rotted on both sides.

Only way to tell would be to probe the wall and then seal the holes back up. If you have never done this on EIFS, I would tell my client that based on what you see it needs to be inspected by a person who specializes in EIFS. Or just bite the bullet, wish for the best and try it yourself! Although I would not recommend the later.

PS... Do not put your ladder on the EIFS!

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Under magnification the pieces of trim above the lower windows appear to be beveled to allow for drainage.The uppers are more difficult to see but the builder may have considered the overhang adequate protection.

Originally posted by RickSab

Thanks for the replies. The EIFS I am glad to pass on. I don't think I want the troubles.

Do what your good at and know when to pass.

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I dunno, it kind of looks to me under magnification that there is a head flashing on top of the windows under that horizontal piece of trim. Tried blowing it up for a closer look but it gets too grainy when it's blown up that far.



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