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Brother Katen

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He may or may not want me to post this, but I know what all you folks think of Brother Jim, and I know your prayers and thoughts are meaningful.

By now, Jim is somewhere either under, or about to go under, or finished being under, the surgical knife.

A couple days ago he suffered a minor auto mosh up while teaching his son to drive (boy skidded and hit a dirt bank), and upon exiting the car found himself in excruciating pain. The original doctor had him "unbroken", and only advised pain meds and rest.

Subsequent investigation found mashed up vertebrae and a doctor that was "surprised he wasn't paralyzed by now". He is getting his back rebuilt w/a small hardware store full of parts.

Typical for our man, he took the prescribed pain meds and did a couple jobs between the two divergent diagnoses. He even walked a steep roof, and crawled a crawlspace.

I don't know anything more beyond what I just wrote.

I know all of you love the guy. I sure do. My thoughts and prayers have been with him the last 48 hours, and I know yours will be also.

I have great faith in medical science, and the ability of great doctors to do wonderful things. I believe he is going to be fixed.

Hey Jim, Be Well. [:-angel]

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That's a tough break and I know exactly how he feels 'cuz I crushed 4 vertebrae in a car accident ages ago. Poor Jim is going to be on the mend for a while. Hang in there, Jim. If there's anything we can do for you, please let us know.



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I'm really sorry to hear about this. One of my daughters went through extensive back surgery about 4-5 years ago. Has two titanium rods and associated hardware. Recovery was real tough. Good as new now except for an occasional squeak. Best wishes Jim.

The temporary loss of his online input will be sorely missed.

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I had no idea; thanks for the post Kurt. Jeez, raising kids can get unexpectedly tough at times, eh? The poor kid must feel like mud about now, though Dad has the worst of it at this point.

Can anybody get in touch with the family; maybe find out how long he'll be in the hospital? And which one?

I've got all my fingers crossed for Lord Katen. [:-thumbu]

Brian G.

Still Got a Boy To Train Myself [:-scared]

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"Over men and horses, hoops and garters

Lastly through a hogshead of real fire!

In this way Mr. K. will challenge the world!"

Easy stuff compared to teaching a teen to drive!

Here's hoping the celebrated Mr. K is up and performing his feats very quickly.

Jim, if you're reading this, get well soon. We're all a little dumber without you!

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It's shame that you went to all this trouble. This morning I was going to email you and tell you that our trip to Oregon will be postponed for a month or two. You were already off the hook to entertain my wife and me and needn't have broken your back to avoid the responsibility.

To prevent this from happening again, I won't be informing you of our next travel dates and will, instead, just show up at your door looking for beer and food.

As all the others have said...you have my sincere best thoughts, my optimism and my good will floating toward you and yours through the ether.

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My prayer is for God to guide the hands of the surgeon and for you body to heal as it has already been designed to do. A complete recovery with no long term effects on you body or business. I have also asked that he ease the discomfort of the healing.

This is basically the same prayer my family has lifted up daily for my little ankle injury. I'm out of the cast a week early and have have very little discomfort along the way.

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Be well and heal quickly. As painfull as you may be your son probably learned a great lesson and will be an excellent driver. (I hope)

As to the mis-diagnosis, why does no one ever question why doctors still "practice" medicine?

They should have it down pat by now?

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Went to the doc today and found myself sitting and thinking about Bro K. I was able to ponder the blessings for where I am. It’s just an ankle.

Does anyone have an update on the surgery or prognosis?

We (others here-I was a bit slow on the post) recently blessed Mike O with a monitor. We all know what it must be like for a HI with no ability to work.

I'll throw in the hundred. Will anyone volunteer to collect a fund?

Charlie in MS

Thankful for all I have and those like Jim willing to pour into us

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