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Take a Minute to Remember Those Who Did Their Duty

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Google is my home page.

They change the "Google" logo to reflect holidays and events; halloween, mother's day, etc.

They didn't change a thing for today.

Google is probably run by a bunch of kids of Gen X and Y'ers. Those kids are making fortunes, yet probably don't think twice about the free enterprise system that hundreds of thousands before have defended with their lives.

Sad, very sad. . .

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Out of all of it, the unfairness, tragedies, and horrors of war, the grief of the families is the worst to me. It never really ends, if you loved them. We go on, and we make the best of it, but years and years later it only takes a moment to reach into the hidden place where the wound is, touch it, and find it just as tender and sore as ever. Anyone who ever lost a loved one, no matter how or where, can easily identify with those poor people.

We have an Air Force base here, for training pilots. I was in one of the buildings over there one day, for something or other, and in the hall there were a dozen or more plaques remembering Medal of Honor winners. Reading the summaries of their actions was astounding. Since then I've thought some local reporter should go out there on Memorial Day, and maybe the 4th of July, and read a plaque or two to the audience; put those soldier's pictures up on the screen. Maybe a few more people would get it.

Brian G.

May They All Come Home Soon [:-thumbu]

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