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Jim Katen's Fund

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I tried to set up an account in Jim's name, but they would not let me. I had to have his tax ID number or social security number.

I set up a new account in my name through US Bank. If you wish to wire funds to an account you now can. The name on the account is Brandon Whitmore. The routing number is 123000220 and the account number is 153661551140.

Just so you guy's know, the bank has locked the account, so money can only be pulled out by me in person at my bank branch.

You can send checks to me at this address:

2712 N. College St.

Newberg, OR 97132

I am not sure whether it would be better to write the checks out in my name, or in Jim's name. If you write them in my name, I can deposit the funds into the account. If you want to send them in Jim's name, I can give him the check's.

If there's something I'm not thinking of, please let me know.

Brandon Whitmore--- 503-476-5234

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