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Odd Fixture On Water Main

Kyle Kubs

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Ok, I'm at a loss. I look at it and it feels like I used to know what this was but I'm coming up empty. It's a strange configuration off the water main pipe. the main comes in and then T's off, one side goes to this contraption, the other goes up a couple feet then T's off again, one side of this T goes through the water meter, the other goes up into the house seemingly by-passing the water meter. Coming out of the water meter the pipe again hits a T where one end is joined with the pipe coming out of this contraption in some kind of loop.

Image Insert:


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It's basically a big can with two canted valves at the bottom and a drain petcock in between (Picture is fuzzy at that area).

The house is built in 1950 so it isn't one of those ancient things that only Bill would know what it is... My knee jerk is that it's an old water meter but it doesn't make sense with the piping configuration.

And no, I couldn't get the yellow thingy at the top off, it was fragile enough without me monkey fisting it.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Bottom of odd contraption.jpg

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