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Smelly Cedar Closet?


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This closet was built in 1994 with 1x4 tongue and groove smooth sanded planks. It is 4'x 6' and stinks to high heaven. No apparent signs of moisture intrusion or any forms of dead bodies or other life forms. Seller says it's been this way for a while. Wont store anything in it. Buyer would like a resonable solution short of complete tear

out and replacement or surface sealant, which defeats the purpose of having a cedar closet. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Barry,

Is this a slab or a conventional foundation? It sounds odd. If no clues are visible I don't see how they can get around tearing-out, at least a little to look for the cause. I'm not big on mold but it is one possiblity. Maybe dead mice or a snake. Then again, maybe someone hid a body behind that cedar lining...

The "House Detective" indeed. [:-batman]

Brian G.

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