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Hawaii - Last State is First To Mandate Solar Tech


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I wonder what there would be to complain about?

Proving, again, there's at least one in every crowd, here's a quote at the end of an insightful article on the matter:

"Our country was founded on the principles of freedom and liberty," said Rep. Colleen Meyer, R-Laie-Kahaluu. "More and more, these dictates are coming down to the people saying, 'You have no choice anymore. You have to do what is politically correct.'"

Wow, I wonder how she feels about seat belts, speed limits, and stop signs?

...or insulation, or guard rails, or GFCIs, etc, etc. Why is everything a "slippery slope" to some? It's only going to be required on NEW homes.

However, I do hope there will be some leeway for those building within the lush (and rainy) canopy areas. I'd hate to see people forced to cut down trees just to get some sun on their panels.

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