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pictures of problems found

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Since things are kinda slow overall in the inspection world, why dont we share some pictures from jobs? It's good education and a good use of time.

Just one or two from each person who wants to participate. I'll start with these two.

In this one, the 2x8 joist is only nailed to a 2x4 that is nailed to the band board. You can see the gap on the bottom part. There is no bearing material hidden under the ridged insulation panels.

Image Insert:


82.21 KB

In this picture you see a non-IC recessed lighting fixture with insulation packed around it. There were 6 or 7 of these in this attic.

Image Insert:


95.99 KB

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Great day for stories here on TIJ. Mike and the crazy Russian realtor and now this. I applaude you for leaving the $. Can't say what I would have done, maybe turned it in for a reward? I once found a baggie with a few hundred pills in an attic. I flushed them. Another time a bunch of porno films fell on my head when I opened the panel.

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