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Bad Week

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During the weekend this week looked to be a good week. Then Monday it started to get bad.

I was on the way to my morning inspection and the phone rung. Tuesday afternoon inspection was canceled. They could not get the deal to work out.

5 minutes later the phone rung again. My client for the morning inspection was calling. They where canceling the inspection. The reason was the people that was buying their house back out be cause the folks that was buying their house could not get a loan. Other words three sells did not happen.

This morning Fridays inspection was canceled. And the one for tomorrow may have to be moved to a later dated because the power is not on yet.

I hope y'all are having a better week.

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Seems to run in cycles.

I've been buried for almost 3-months and this past week only had two minor FHA Finals, 3-Draws and two full inspections.

Was better than nothing, but was a shift in gears from the earlier time frame.

I'll likely start Monday with an empty week and be fully booked by Tuesday afternoon. Seems like that is my cycle.

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