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Stepbrother Les

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Couple of weeks ago they checked my checking account balance and decided that I should have a new stainless vertebrae put in my neck. It seems the old one had worn-out from woman watching all these years.

I was waiting for an appropriate time to make my sad-sack announcement to you guys and get what ever sympathy I could.

Then Katen goes and gets all mushed up and my major medical problem became pretty puny! He always seems to do that to me.

Anyway, they whacked me up pretty good across the front of my neck, pulled my esophagus out about 40", drilled and screwed things back together and sat me in a wheel-chair on the campus of Michigan State University just to check neck range of motion neck mobility. I passed the test for mobility, but failed the wheel chair speed test! I'll just bet that Charlie had more pain with his ankle than I did with a cut throat!

Can't talk much, but but feel like a million bucks! Appeared in front of a judge this morning and he commented that it was the most enjoyable time he has ever spent with me!

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Geez Les, that sounds awful. I'm positive that it hurt some.

friggin Katen always gets the attention. It's your turn to be the center now Les.

Instead of us starting a fund for you to live on while recovering, I suggest that you send each of us, me especially, a portion of your nest egg. Your magnanimosity will endear you to each of us, me especially, for as long as you keep giving.

I am truly happy you're well enough to write checks

Really Les, I hope all is well and wish you a very fast recovery.

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Gee wiz Les, just when enough time had passed for me to forget those ghastly summer nights at Watts University, the free food and wine, the women, the camaraderie – and that bloodcurdling mug of yours - you had to go and post that picture here. Of course all of our alumni know you have no clothing sense at all so your shoes are of no surprise. What happened are all your pink shirts in the cleaners?

Honestly Les, I admire you (just don’t tell anyone) and I hope your back too 100% quickly.

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You know Les is not going to stop women watching and chasing. I bet tat how he got those shoes. He was stopped by the sheriff for chasing women in the wheelchair.


I am glad to hear that you are doing well. Get better, it is women watching time.

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Glad to the see the miracles of modern medicine and prayer.

Mobility is a wonderful thing. Dealing with insurance companies sucks! Can you tell who I have spent the am on the phone with? I just learned I have a policy for the policy gaps. Another round of mailings.

I've had a few surgeries in the last 20 years. I've even been able to have video of them. The tradition started when a friend was the second human to have a tumor removed for the front side of where the brain stem connects to the brain by an experimental procedure. He came through unscathed and with a video. Nothing like eating spaghetti while you watch a buds brain pulse!

So, do you have any footage?

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Jeez Les,

If I'd only known, I would have taken up a collection and had the local Hooters send a few girls over with some ribs and beer to visit you in the hospital. Oh well, guess it's too late now - you're home and under guard again.

Man, between you and Katen I'm gonna be a nervous wreck worrying about whether I'm ever gonna need to get spinal surgury for the danged compressed/fused vertebra in my lower back that have me walking around like a 90 year old with a walker this week, or the stupid arthritis that severely limits my neck movement in one direction. Maybe I should just throw in the towel now and get one of those fancy backboards that Anthony Hopkins had in that movie. Hell, you guys would probably agree that even the mask would be an improvement.

Wonder if social security will cover the cost of some dudette to wheel me around and stand me up here and there.

Is there anything that the rest of us can do to help out? You know, safeguard your checkbook, take over lookiing after your investments, etc? Whatever you need, just holler; we're here for you. [;)].

Take care of yourself, Old Friend.



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Jeez Les, I've seen some elaborate dodges in my time, but yours is a blue-ribbon winner. Can't you just tell the little woman you want some time off, dammit?! [;)]

And that Katen, yeah, he's a born upstager. What's a guy to do? [:-tong2]

If you must look at women while you're recovering, DON"T TURN YOUR HEAD! [:-bigeyes

Brian G.

I Got a Headache....Does That Count For Anything? [:-headach[:-dev3]

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I'm glad the surgery went well. It's amazing how fast you can be up and moving again after a surgery like that-- I hope you recover quickly.

All of the surgeries, accidents, etc. in the industry makes me realize I had better get insurance besides my health insurance. Shoot, I just signed back up for health insurance after a 2 year hiatus.

To all the injured inspectors out there-- get well soon.

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