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Help, electrician needed.


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Originally posted by Bain

I no longer say, "Missing strain relief, " 'cause most electricians have no idea what I mean. "Missing Romex conductor," though, typically gets the problem taken care of.

Did you mean "missing Romex connector"?

When prescribing strain relief, electricians will often assume you are calling for a Hubbell/Kellems connector or other cord connector with the rubber gland inside.

We call the NM clamps "wire clamp connectors" and all parties know what's needed.

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Originally posted by Phillip

This is the interior panel from the house with the termite tubes.

Image Insert:


117.53 KB

Image Insert:


147.34 KB

Here is a ceiling fan.

Image Insert:


106.08 KB

Based on the main conductors coming into the bottom of the panel I would guess that the panel was upgraded at one time.

Don't get me started on the lack of quality workmanship. Keep a fire extinguisher close by.

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Wow.. whomever did that electrical work needs to be put away. Definitely non-professional work needing attention by a professional.

FYI...I typically call them wire bushings or clamps. A qualified electrician will know what you mean when you call the lack of them out.

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