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So many mouths to feed


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It's been a very slow week work-wise, but looking out my kitchen window I can see that not everybody's idle. With so many mouths to feed, that's a good thing.

The high quality version doesn't seem to be accessible in the embedded player, so I tried to link directly to Youtube, but for some reason, you still get the embedded player.

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Wow, what a soft, comfy nest. I wonder what it was lined with. It's amazing that mama let the photographer get so close.

My wife keeps a hummingbird feeder, but it's gone mostly unused for the past few years. Last year, we didn't see a single hummer. This year, more of the same. A few weeks ago, we were standing at the rear door of the garage and my wife was lamenting that we'll probably never see another one, ever. I stepped outside and one nearly flew into me as he was headed for the feeder. He veered off and hasn't been seen again. I thought that was pretty ironic.

Last year, I had this nest in a Hinoki Cypress, but I don't know what they were. I used my finger for scale. They don't look like hummers because of the beaks, but they're just about as small. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/59/156108490_0dd9c4267f_o.jpg

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