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I got played

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I have taken some time to think about this and I'm still rather pissed about it and i was wondering how often it happens as it was a first for me.

I was called last Thursday for an inspection on Friday. I had the day booked and offered Monday. The client said he really needed the inspection done Friday and I agree to do a late inspection, starting at 6pm.

Well after the inspection, about 8-8:30, I had debriefed the client and his agent and was packing my tools in my truck to leave. The agent asked about when she would get the report and I answered "like I told you client when he booked, I already pushed back a dinner date that night thus the report would be available in the morning."

She went ballistic, telling me how in this case they only had 7 days vice the normal 14 and if they didn't send the contingency by midnight that night, the deal would fall through. Again I reminded her I already had plans, and I had adjusted them once already just to do the inspection. She begged, pleaded and threatened (she said she would have to report to her Broker how it was my fault).

I replied that I would TRY! With no promise. I steamed all the way home. By the time I got home I figured it was best just to do the report. So I broke my plans with the family and did the report. I emailed it to her just shy of 11pm.

The next day she calls me asking if I sent the report. I told her I did and she replied, good, I haven't checked my Email yet and will get right on it.

How I didn't explode on her I don't know.

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I haven't had that exact scenario, but many other situations that produced the same result - anger, resentment, and general ill-will.

It's Healthy Living (and Business) 101- set your boundaries, make sure you're communicating thoroughly, and then stick to your plan without guilt or shame.

Yes, she played you because you let her. Once she started whining about deadlines, I wouldn't have budged. I would have given her the sad face, symathized, and told her the report would get to her the next day as originally promised.

Lesson learned, though. I'm always getting better myself at managing folks' expectatations and running the show - not the other way around.

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You need to remind them that it was they who had the crisis, not you.

The buyer and the realtor knew when they made the deal what the contingencies stated, yet they waited until the day befor it was due to find an inspector. They both dropped the ball on this and were lucky that you were willing to help out. You could always add an inconvienence fee.

Maybe, just maybe you actually were played. It sounds like you were since the realtor didn't even check her e-mail for this important report before calling you. Remember this next timeyou havedealings with this realtor.

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I'd call her broker and give him a piece of my mind and tell him that I'm going to make sure every inspector in town knows to ignore supposed emergency deadline pleas from all agents in his office.

Then I'd do just that - shoot off an email to everyone I know and let them know about the kind of bullshit that office doles out.



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Mike, I thought about doing just that, but after thinking about it, I'm going with Scott. I would just get aggravated again an probably gain nothing by talking to the broker. I will probably mention her name at my next ASHI meeting but thats about it.

The only saving grace is I have a great family and they didn't get upset that I backed out of the plans. Well that and the fact that no one really got hurt and it's a good lesson learned.

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