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Unexploded ordnance?

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OK, did a house last week and I'm still thinking about this. On the side of the house, the seller had built a small barbecue area. It was under a lot of trees (lol bad idea) and thus overgrown and covered with leaves. While walking around it I found a 6in Navy shell (The kind that goes boom and sinks other ships). From my time in the navy, I do recall all shells of this type are required to be marked, inert. This one was not that I could tell. It was pretty well rusted all over.

How would you handle this? Odds are that it is an inert round and thus no danger. But if you call it a potential bomb, well you can imagine the hell the will break loose.

The buyers ended up backing out of the house before the inspection was over. A second story had been added to the original 1932 house yet no additional support was added and the house was falling in on itself.

I had spoken to the buyers agent and said I could call some Navy buddies and ask them to look at it on the quite side, but since the deal fell through, we never got to that.

So that shell is still sitting right where I saw it.

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I would treat it just like a gas leak, open panel, or downed power line. Call the authorities and let them make the call.

That is not something that "I" want to assume the liability (both monetary and ethical) for if it turns out to be a live round.

From all the firing ranges around the former military bases in my area, the standing rule is don't touch it and call it in so the bomb squad or military disposal experts can deal with it. Even a dud from 50 years ago can go boom if the conditions are right. Where there is one round, there may be more that you don't see. I would rather make a "fuss" than see someone hurt.

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If the owner is still living in the house I would stop by or call and simple ask" hey, I see the 6" round in the back yard and I'm a bit concerned since it is not marked inert. What do you know about the shell? How do you know it is not live? What are you planning on doing with it when you sell the house?"

If the house is empty and it looks like the shell is abandoned I would call the police and report it.

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