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light on fan switch also


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In the master bed room there is a fan and light that has a remote.

There are two wall switches. One turn the light on and one turn the fan on.

When the light switch is on the light is on and cannot be controlled with the remote even when the fan switch is on.

When just the fan switch is on you can turn the lights on and off with the remote.

Does any of you see a problem with this set up?

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The reason I brought this up is because I found the setup and was showing my clients and telling them that if they wanted to control the light with the remote that they would have to leave the light switch off.

They where concern about the light having two hot wires turn on it at the same time.

I told them it was the same circuit and there would not be any problems.

They fussed with I did not write it up

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How old was the house? My guess is 20-25 years if the fan was wired that way, any older and there would be only one switch and the fan and light controls would be the pull chains. Most fans these days come with remotes, even the cheap ones, so you could find one without any switches. Just don't loose the remote[;)]

Tell your client that the switch controls are correct, that the remote is only a convenience, and they will be glad to have the switch controls after the dog eats the remote[:P]


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Most ceiling fan remotes come with only one lead on the receiver. That wire should be tied to the switch you want to control the fan. If 14/3 is used, I always use the red wire.

It sounds like the fan in question has 14/3 run to it. If the second switch (fan) is also tied to the receiver, it could backfeed to the light switch for the fan. I would assume that if the two switches were tied together in the junction box that the breaker should trip.

Some electronics like motion sensors and remotes for ceiling fans have a reset feature. If you toggle the switch from on to off and let it rest for a minute and turn it back on it may reset. There may also be a reset button on the receiver.

It's possible that the transmitter is bad as well. If it's an older fan and remote none of this may matter. If you could pull the canopy off of the fan and take a photo of the receiver and how it is wired I might be able to help out better.

If the HO is worried about it, have them hire an electrician to inspect the fan.

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I have one in my home like that. Two wall switches and one controls just the light and the other allows the entire fan to be controlled by the remote. It allows the light to always be turned on at the wall, but the fan is controlled by the remote. Comes in handy when that dang remote develops legs and walks off to another room or plays hide-n-go seek under something.

I see nothing wrong with it, in fact I like the way it is set up.

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