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Cedar Shake Siding Caulking


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The short answer:


Now that thats clear, are you sure you have your terminology straight? Shakes are split and are typically either stained or left to weather. Painted finishes are common for shingles, which are sawn (and sometimes machined) and can also be stained or left to weather. Either way they function esentially the same way; the overlaps keep the weather out and the gaps allow for expansion. If the caulk is there to keep the weather out then whatever they are, they're shot.

The easiest way to apply a finish is to spray it. If it must be brushed on, the proper technique is to paint the gaps first, then the bottom or butt edge, then the face.


Hope that helps

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With properly installed cedar shingles, the only exposed joint is the joint between corner, window, and door trim and the shingles. If those areas are properly splined (flashed) caulking them isn't really necessary; however, it won't hurt but only at those locations and nowhere else. There isn't, or shouldn't be, any exposed underlayment of sheathing at the keyways between adjacent shingles, so caulking them would be pointless and might only cause water that's supposed to be able to drain to the exterior from draining out of the wall.



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