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Hey guys, as I'm sure everyone knows, a lot of people use this site to learn. I was thinking that we take more advantage of this and in a more official manner.

What I'm suggesting is to open two new threads. The first will be a poll basically of what people want to learn more about. The second will be a weekly one talking about that subject.

The way the discussion thread would work is the subject would be announced a week in advance. Then everyone can grab article, pictures war stories and web links to post in that weeks subject. People can ask questions and get answers.

Remember, you would also be able to vote for a subject because you want to know more, because you have some good info to put out on it or you think other HI's are lacking in that subject.

I know we have a lot of good info now, but most of it is reactive information. As in someone sees something then needs assistance. This is more proactive in teaching before it's needed, so the HI is prepared.

This idea is a general one and open to suggestions. What do you think?

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I think that anything creating a chance to learn is a good idea. I'll say that during my past organizational meetings and my days spent in HI classes, I learned the most and was most interested by looking at pictures of problems and discussing their content.

The picture discussions always ended in a statement of,




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