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Had a largish 1995 home today. Nice big tall attic with rodent runs in the insulation everywhere. Mice, judging from the small droppings. Here's the thing...there were about a dozen plastic trays in the attic (and a few in the crawl) filled with a glue substance. I'd never seen these before. No bait and the only think trapped in them all was one bee and, unfortunately, a swallow. At the time I thought they were for insects, but a little googling came up with a variety of "Glue Traps" for rodents as well as some disturbing descriptions of mice chewing their legs off to get out of these "slow death" devices. Evidently they are banned in many communities, areas, and some whole countries, which I think is a good thing! I have no love of rodents, but I'm also not a sadist.

Anyway, my quandry now is that I suppose these were stuck up here previously by a pest control guy(?). Anyone know if these are actually effective at catching the little buggers? Shouldn't there be bait in the middle or a stuck mouse or two? Should I find out who put in these glue traps and report them to PETA? Should I still recommend another pest guy for evaluation and remedy? (Don't bother with that last one...it's "Yes")

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Yes, they're very effective. I've seen them more than once with a nice fat abomination dead as a doornail stuck on them so I think they're the greatest thing going. Personally, I hope the nasty buggers chew all of their nasty legs off as well as their privates; I couldn't care less if we made them extinct.



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Just in case anyone didn't know it, Mike doesn't have much of a liking for the small furry critters. Evidently there's something about Disneyland, a very large mouse, and a pair of soiled britches in his past. It was many years ago (I think he was a mere 30 something at the time) but he just hasn't gotten over it.

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