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30 Amp Breaker Double Tapped With 2-12 gauge wires


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Violation of Table 310.16 and /or 240.4(D)(5)

Even though the wire is twisted together, the wire itself is still only 12/2 NM (romex).

Do you have a photo of all the breakers in the panel?

I won't mention the Square-D breaker in a Cutler-Hammer panel.

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Thanks for the replies.

Yes 3-double tapped circuit breakers in all, and the grounded conductors and ground wires are all under the same screws. I recommended a professional electrician be called in for these reasons and several other conditions I observed.

(The grounded conductors and ground wires are together on 95%+ of the main service panels I inspect in this area.)

This is the first time I have seen the doubled up 12 gauge wires on a 30 amp circuit breaker. I assumed it was wrong due to the fundamental reasons that both double tapping and 12 gauge on 30 amp circuit breakers are generally wrong, but no sense risking assumptions when I have this opportunity to run issues by the pros that monitor and contribute to this forum.

I figured one of the seasoned pros might chime in with an obscure rule exception where this would be acceptable and enlighten us all.

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I believe that Cutler-Hammer makes some breakers that allows 2 wires on the breaker (15 amp)

The 30 amp is too large for the 12 gauge wire unless it is to a AC unit or a well pump that rated for that set up.

I bet someone need 10 gauge wire and ran two 12 so they would not have to go buy some 10.

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