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I found this at yesterdays inspection. When you look at the chimney you have from top to bottom the water heater flue, the furnace flue, and then the mystery flue? It has a black hose coming out the bottom draining into a old glass jar. The flue pipe is cover has a handle, but the cover has been crimped or soldered on. There is another flat cover below and then a clean out.

There is no rain cap outside so I suppose it could be rain water?

Another interesting item is the power to the Carrier gas furnace runs through a fused 30amp disconnect listed as a Oil Burner Shut-off.

The basement is practically sealed with drywall so I can not locate any old oil supply lines and the small yard is completely concreted over so no indication of a tank.

What do you guys think?

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That's because it's an old oil burner thimble that's no longer used and that's where the smoke pipe from an oil furnace used to enter that stack. Some creative fellow figured out that flue gases would condense in there and cause rust stains on the wall under that cover, so he's fitted the cover with a little condensate drain.

When they take an oil furnace and tank out of commission in your area, does state law require them to obtain a permit and have it decommissioned a specific way or is it kind of wide open? If there is a law requiring a permit, you can make a phone call to whoever is responsible for those records and find out if a permit was ever issued for that home. If no permit was issued, you've got probable cause to report the possible presence of an abandoned oil tank on the property and should instruct the client to demand proof that it's been properly decommissioned. Lacking proof, the client should demand a survey to see where the tank is and determine if it's still got oil in it and/or has leaked, and then have it decommissoned if one is found.



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Interesting enough the village will not say until I file a freedom of information request. I guess that good. I'll indicate the possibility in the report and even that they could file report to find out. It 1.5 hours to close for a holiday weekend. I don't think I'll get an answer in time.

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