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two questions

John Dirks Jr

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Can the vacuum breaker valve on this bib be changed or does the whole bib need to be replaced?

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I know I have to call out the PB supply line. Should I also call out the fact that it has no sleeve for protection where it passes through the slab? When were the latest dates that PB was used in main supply lines?

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As to replacing the vacuum breaker part of the hose bib....

I can imigine myself going to 5 different stores and them all telling me they don't carry the part. Then spending time trying to figure out who the manufacturer is, then trying to find their web site. Then the web site saying they don't sell parts - wholesale to dealers only, etc. Or their listing parts only by model number and there is NO model number on the hose bib.

FYI - I once had a faucet which needed a part. I went to the store and found the *same* faucet in the box. There was no part/model number anywhere on the box, faucet, or in the instructions!


Anyway I would not even try finding the part. I would replace the whole thing.... (time/money thing)

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