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In recent years I have seen way too many "101" level classes. They're boring and definitely do not challenge inspectors to become better. For me, a great class is one that goes beyond what I already know. Such classes keep things in perspective - you don't know it all and you are likely missing things that need correction. Inspectors should not attend classes just to get credits, it should be for the cont. ed. I pile up about 50 hours per year - way more than any requirement. In almost every class (of the good ones) I pick up some tid bit that made it worth it

On another thread I commented on recirculated air flow into a group of stacked A/C compressors. Mike followed up with the comment that we were over-thinking the issue. I dis-agree. I was encouraging thinking, thinking that was beyond the standard H.I. approach. Was my point beyond some H.I. SOP, yes. Was it outside of best practice for HVAC installation, no.

Continuous exposure to the "101" classes is why we encounter so many contractors who often don't understand what well educated inspectors point out. We, I hope, don't want to fall into that trap. As a group we need to strive for more technical training and help bring along the new inspectors in their development into top professionals.

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When I attended my first conference I gravitated to the basic track. I felt I needed a better base to learn from. I took Allen (inspector #2) to IW in N.O. Even though he had been inspecting almost 2 years and mentored under me for four months he did the same thing. For the same reasons. We had a debriefing shortly after the conference and found it was for the same reasons. What would happen if the major conference dropped the Basics? We should have them down by the time we attend a conference.

Like you I do attend other classes. I've sat for an additional 18 hrs (ICC) this year.

I do agree with your assertion we should question thing when they are outside of the norm. Units stacked in a restricted area would peak me what's up meter. Critical thinking is a need skill for an inspector. Else we simply check boxes.

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