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amount of breaker in exterior panel


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I don't know about more, but I've seen similar situations plenty of times over in Bama. No one has ever been able to tell me why Alabama Power thought having all of the 240v breakers outside was such a wonderful idea, but they did it that way for a long time. The inside panel, with all of the 120v breakers, was always right across the wall inside the house, but was never, ever, wired as a sub panel. Goofy.

Brian G.

Strange Ideas [:-alien]

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2nd breaker down on the left isn't being used. "Room for expansion!"

Besides the multi-tapped neutrals, no retaining screw for the back-fed main, and lack of panel bonding(?), there is a small conductor that seems to be attached to the main breaker lug at the bottom right. It goes from there to behind the SECs but then seems to disappear. Any idea what that is?

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