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Can anyone identify this critter?

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For the first time, these things are flying around my backyard, and bellying up to my black-eyed Susans to wet their whistles.

My German Shepherd, of course, chases after them and trys to devour them. I assume if they sting his tongue or mouth, his head will swell up, I'll zoom him to the veterinarian, and hope he survives.

This is obviously some kind of bee, but it's nearly an inch and a half long and I'm wondering how dangerous its venom is.

Rigorous clinical trials have demonstrated that an idiot home inspector dude with a can of bug spray can race around his backyard and assassinate these suckers pretty easily. But there are so many of them . . .

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The attennae are too long for a hoverfly. I think what you have there is a resin bee. See this photo and the website.



There's more on them at...

http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes ... te110.html

They are pollinators, don't seem to be aggressive stingers, and as bees are in a shortage across the country, you should be happy to have them.

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