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Angelvision Impact movies

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I was introduced to this company by a friend of mine and to be honest, I'm very impressed, except with the rather hefty price. But there is a way to reduce this price if several of us join forces.

First off, as you can see in their portfolio, they produce some top quality movies. These guy are not movie makers, the are an advertising agency. So they handle the message (we approve of course) and know how to talk to the market. Of course we can't use this movie in as many ways as say, WalMart or Starbucks, but I think, if done properly, it would make a VERY nice addition to websites, presentations and as Email attachments as well as a few others.

Like I said, the price isn't cheap. It starts at $9800. But with that you get the video that can be used on any player in a very small file size. They also give you the source code. So you own this for life.

But again, $9800 is a LOT of cash to spend for one HI. But, after attending one of their web X seminars then talking to them on the phone, there is a way to make this very affordable for most of us.

If multiple HI's joined in on this, they would add a $450 distribution charge per HI. What this does is enable each copy of the movie to be tailored for each HI. For example, on yours, it starts with your picture and logo and ends with your personal contact information. The base information in the movie would be the same for each of us though.

So how does adding $450 each actually make it cheaper. Well the initial $9800 is a one time charge. So if I did this alone it costs $9800 for me. If 10 of us joined in on this it would only cost $1430 each. Each person wanting to do it pays their own $450 distribution fee, but the $9800 production fee is then divided between all those who wish to join.

I'm not advertising for this company. I want to do this and add this movie to my web site as I believe it will convert sales. But I can't afford $9800 solo. So I was wondering if anyone my be interested in this project?

You can check out their website at:


their portfolio at:


You can also sign up for their web-X seminar that explains the whole deal a lot more. I would suggest though, not to sign up for it yet. If there are some of you interested, I would suggest we all attend together so we can ask questions as a group. Just for attending the 1hr seminar, you get a Starbucks coupon so it's not a total waste.

I do appreciate any response here even if you don't like the idea or think the money should be spent elsewhere. But I am sold on the idea, just not the cost. If your interested, maybe just to find out more, post here and send me an Email and we can set it all up. The more people that want in, the cheaper it will cost.

What ya think?

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John, I rarely watch slick movies like the samples given. I find them annoying and frustrating. I could get all of the info in a typical 3 minute movie in less than 30 seconds worth of reading, and often much less less, since I can pick and choose what I want to read, rather than being a captive audience of one.

Also, I'm nearly always listening to an internet radio station or a podcast while I'm on the computer. Websites with sound irritate me.

That's one curmudgeon's view, for what it's worth.

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