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Can throwing $100k down the toilet damage it?

Richard Moore

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2006 home, with an original sale date of October, 2006. Judging by the MLS# and the chest high weeds it's been vacant for a year. The home is still in the original buyer's name so I'm not sure it's a typical foreclosure but, obviously, something went wrong in a hurry. All utilities were locked off at my first visit...grrrr!

Anyway, the house is being sold for about $100K less than the original price. And this is the 2-yr old toilet in the master bathroom...!!!

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Not just dirt; the glazing has actually "flaked" off. Easy call for a new toilet, but I've never seen one damaged like this. You think frozen bowl/trap water could cause that type of damage?

What is almost comical is the can of Comet and the toilet brush still in place.

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Originally posted by Billy_Bob

I wonder if someone cleaning the house left a cleaning solution in the toilet and it just ate away at it?

That makes sense. I couldn't see it freezing up in the first place (we didn't have that cold a winter) and even if it did, the damage didn't seem to be the type that might be related.

But, yep, they could have had a strong cleaning agent in there for quite some time. The other two toilets were fine. Who knows?

Here's a photo of the jungle back yard. I've seen weeds before (duh, obviously) but never that thick and high at a home for sale. I must lead a sheltered life.

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How's the water in that area? Hard water or a high sediment content will cause staining like that. My house was a forclosure that sat empty about 4 years and had a similar stain. That was ten years ago, and there is still a small spot that won't come off. If it is sediment it will stain rather quickly, after a week long vacation I can see a dirt ring at the water line in the bowl, even with a sediment filter on the main.


Our muni water supply passes State testing every year[:-crazy]

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