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rusty furnace


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Hi, I just bought a show home that is 3 years old the furnace has a new home warranty and there was water in the furnace. It's been determined that construction material was thrown down the vents and plugged the drain spout it was extremely rusty and dirty also took out blower motor it was dry but obvious water damage and rust along with secondary heat exchanger I have pictures. Will the warranty still be good for 20 years and what should I insist that the builder do to correct the situation? He wants to leave the rusted parts and change the control board and rusted electrical connections only.

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I'd tell him that I bought a new home and I didn't buy it expecting it to be delivered to me with a furnace that's so badly rusted that it looks like it's 30 years old.

It looks to me like that air handler cabinet has been under water. Was there any flooding in your vicinity over the past 3 years?

Demand a new furnace.



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Looks like the condensate catch pan drain plugged and the pans been overflowing forever.

I would want a new everything. It will never make it to see its expected service life.

With repairs, you got nothing but HVAC equipment whose expected service life is limited to the length of its warranty ( typical warranty period five years).

Chris, Oregon

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If you need ammunition, contact the manufacturer, show them your pictures and ask them if they will honor the warranty.

I've done that a couple of times for clients. The answer is always NO.

I'd bet this one's answer is also NO!.

Get the manufacturer to tell the builder it's time for a new one.

Ask the builder to replace it with a NEW unit.

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