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Uhhh-- OK!

Brandon Whitmore

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I did a new construction inspection about 2 weeks ago. The house was sided with Hardie Plank. I wrote up some installation issues with the siding, the main one being over- driven fasteners. The builder was offended and thought he would get the siding rep. out to bless the installation.

The new house is proudly showing off it's 2nd new siding system--- they ripped it off and started over. [:-bigeyes


This is the first time I have heard of a factory rep. not saying "yeah it's wrong, buttttt........."

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I usually don't enjoy writing up that sort of defect since it inevitably throws a wet blanket over the proud new owner's enthusiasm. I only enjoy it when the seller argues with me. I'm not competitive by nature...unless you argue with me.

Congrats on being right. That kind of thing makes you superman in the eyes of your clients.

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Originally posted by Brian G

Originally posted by AHI in AR

I'm not competitive by nature...unless you argue with me.

Hogwash! I say you are competitive by nature! [;)]

Brian G.

Yet Another Failure of Impulse Control [:P]

And I say you are wrong!!!

(Dang...Did I just prove your point?)[;)]

BTW, a little bit north of here in Razorback land, hogwash is what the college kids bring home to wash on weekends, not an insult or a challenge...

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