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Were I to have the problem of no inspections, I'd be unloading everynight.

Mine is going fishing. Seems dang near every time I plan a fishing day, same thing happens and I end up working but, occassionally, depending on the referral source (yellow pages etc) I stayed booked for fishing.

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I have found that what works best to generate calls is simply to already be on the phone talking to a prospective client. That apparently sends out some sort of telepathic signal to other prospective clients that now is a great time to call. My phone can go for hours without ringing some days. Then when it does, there are at least two folks who try to call in during that call. My hard and fast rule is NEVER to take an incoming call while talking to someone who called first. As I see it, that's just plain rude. But since only about half the people leave a voicemail, I miss a fair number of opportunities. Added to that is the irritation of having to ask the first caller to repeat information since the beeping from the call waiting seemingly mutes only the important words!

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Over the last year I have had 2 hospital stays. During each of those stays my phone rang off the hook - as soon as I get into the hospital the calls start. I turned down a huge amount of work seemingly just because I was there..... I wonder if I can rent office space in the hospital?


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I was doing some handyman work at a medical building recently and the receptionist in a dental office told me their appointments are down 35% this year. My situation has been similar.

It is rough out there and I agree it will get worse. Got...to...make..it...til....Spring....

On a brighter note, the sweet and hot peppers in my vegetable garden were the best ever this year. Cooking a gallon of chili always cheers me up.

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Take a vacation. Really. Not a long one, just something where you can legitimately tell folks "I'm sorry, I can't get to it for X days. If you can wait until then, I'd be glad to work it in."

Almost every time I leave for a few days, the phone seems to ring more. Some jobs you lose, of course, but I've actually had people say that I "must be good" if I'm so busy I can't get to it until then -- and they decide to wait on me.

I just don't bother telling them what I'm busy doing! [;)]

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Originally posted by hausdok


Times are tough all over. One thing you can be sure of; things are going to get worse.

OT - OF!!!


Cant get much worse for me. Nothing from nothing is ....nothing. LOL

[tell folks "I'm sorry, I can't get to it for X days. If you can wait until then, I'd be glad to work it in."


I do that already since I juggle a full time job on the side. [^]

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Erby Posted - Sep 30 2008 : 03:33:50 AM

Too many beans (more than one).

I don't think beans help or hurt the taste to any extent but they make the stuff last longer and are an important filler (high protein, high fiber, and high in antioxidants).

Bain Posted - Sep 29 2008 : 5:58:29 PM

That chili looks deadly to me. Not from a culinary aspect, Mike. But those red peppers look as lethal as Sidewinder missiles.

Yes, you don't want to mess directly with those hot peppers. You could probably ingest the seranos without dying but the cayenne and especially the habanero are are very wicked customers. I stab the peppers with a knife and let them jazzercise with the rest of the chili for a couple of days. After that they get tossed in the garbage. You get a real nice heat and a runny nose but that's how I like it.

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