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Is this the correct tubing?


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Came across this today and just wanted to make sure. The TPV extension (which is plumbed to the exterior) is marked....

B137.5 UPC Hot/Cold ASTM F876/F877

Maybe I'm a little confused, or just um, thinking too much. But I would rather ask here vice making a mistake.

From what I can find on the internet, that type of PEX is rated up to 180 degrees. Section P2803.4 of the International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings specifies that the TPR valve must be installed within the top 6 inches of the water heater tank in order to enable the valve to discharge at a temperature of no greater than 210°F. As a result, any discharge piping must be rated to withstand at least 210°F to prevent melting and blockage of the TPR valve when discharged.

Or am I getting something wrong, missing something?

Image Insert:


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For what I read your pipe is alowwed. See under line areas which I under lined.

P2803.6.1 Requirements for discharge pipe.

The discharge piping serving a pressure-relief valve, temperature- relief valve or combination valve shall:

1. Not be directly connected to the drainage system.

2. Discharge through an air gap located in the same room as the water heater.

3. Not be smaller than the diameter of the outlet of the valve served and shall discharge full size to the air gap.

4. Serve a single relief device and shall not connect to piping serving any other relief device or equipment.

5. Discharge to the floor, to an indirect waste receptor or to the outdoors. Where discharging to the outdoors in areas subject to freezing, discharge piping shall be first piped to an indirect waste receptor through an air gap located in a conditioned area.

6. Discharge in a manner that does not cause personal injury or structural damage.

7. Discharge to a termination point that is readily observable by the building occupants.

8. Not be trapped.

9. Be installed to flow by gravity.

10. Not terminate more than 6 inches (152 mm) above the floor or waste receptor.

11. Not have a threaded connection at the end of the piping.

12. Not have valves or tee fittings.

13. Be constructed of those materials listed in Section P2904.5 or materials tested, rated and approved for such use in accordance with ASME A112.4.1.

P2904.5 Water-distribution pipe.

Water-distribution piping within dwelling units shall conform to NSF 61 and shall conform to one of the standards listed in Table P2904.5. All hot-water-distribution pipe and tubing shall have a minimum pressure rating of 100 psi at 180°F (689 kPa at 82°C).

TABLE P2904.5



Brass pipe ASTM B 43

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) plastic pipe and tubing ASTM D 2846; ASTM F 441; ASTM F 442; CSA B137.6

Copper or copper-alloy pipe ASTM B 42; ASTM B 302

Copper or copper-alloy tubing (Type K, WK, L, WL, M or WM) ASTM B 75; ASTM B 88; ASTM B 251; ASTM B 447

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) plastic tubing ASTM F 877; CSA B137.5

Cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) pipe ASTM F 1281; CSACAN/CSA-B137.10

Cross-linked polyethylene/aluminum/high-density polyethylene


Galvanized steel pipe ASTM A 53

Polybutylene (PB) plastic pipe and tubing ASTM D 3309; CSA CAN3-B137.8

Polyethylene/aluminum/polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) composite pipe ASTM F 1282

Polypropylene (PP) plastic pipe or tubing ASTM F 2389; CSA B137.11

Stainless steel (Type 304/304L) pipe ASTM A 312; ASTM A 778

Stainless steel (Type 316/316L) pipe ASTM A 312; ASTM A 778

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Oregon's plumbing code is based on the UPC and not the IRC so it depends on what code you use in your area.

Check out 608.5 in the link below:

http://www.cbs.state.or.us/bcd/programs ... pter_6.pdf

I don't know whether Oregon has modified the original wording from the UPC, and don't have access to the UPC to check.

I should have worded my first post better, since what I wrote is obviously not true according to the IRC.

Phillip, thanks for proving me wrong. I'll be more careful in the future before I condemn something.

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