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Venting bathroom ceiling fan through a soffit


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Please help

We want to install a ceiling bathroom fan in our 2nd floor bathroom. The ceiling level is above the roof level, so we have to vent through the soffit or through the roof. I heard conflicting reports regarding venting through soffits. We have a nice Panasonic WhisperFit Fan, and one electrician said that venting through a soffit was no problem, since the fan comes with a damper which will reduce the backdraft. My primary concerns are moisture condensation and heat loss. We live in Wisconsin. Can we vent through the soffit? We certainly do not want to deal with mold down the road. What should i do? Thanks!

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Originally posted by Donald Lawson

WHK, someone will post a picture soon showing you what happens when you vent a bathroom fan to the soffits. Who ever has that picture, please post it again for WHK's sake.


Download Attachment: icon_bitmap.gif Soffit_Vented_Fan.bmp

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Builders in my area used to do this and also vent the exhaust fans into the open attic space. Since I became the municipal code inspector, this is no longer being done. WHK...just save yourself the grief and vent to the true outside as the code states.

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