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I witnessed a miracle!

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The other day, myself and my client were outside of a house that I was inspecting and I was explaining to the client why all the earth-to-wood contact along the front of the building was a bad thing for the home when I noticed a man wearing very dark sunglasses walking along the sidewalk tapping the sidewalk from side to side with a long thin white cane.

I thought to myself, "blind guy" and continued my explanation. Suddenly, there was this clattering noise and we spun around to see the blind guy falling down with his cane tangled up in the chainlink fence at the front of the property and his shoe hung up under the edge of the fence. Apparently, he'd walked right into the open fence gate, had bounced off of it, and fallen down.

Well, the realtor ran over to him, helped him to his feet, gave him back his cane, and was all apologetic. As the guy walked off, I felt a twinge of guilt because I suspected that it had been me who'd left that gate open when I'd gone to my vehicle to get my toolbag.

I was just expressing that sentiment to my client and the realtor, and we were still watching the guy walk away, when the guy made a left turn into a front yard, walked halfway along the front walk, stopped, looked up, lifted the sunglasses off his eyes, and then reached up to pull a broken limb that had become tangled up in some lower limbs out of the tree in his front yard. Then, using his cane, he continued on into the house carrying the branch.

I cracked up and so did the client and even the realtor started to chuckle; apparently, we'd either witnessed a miracle, or this guy was related to Daredevil and can see things even though he's blind; or the guy is a fraud.

I remarked that I couldn't remember seeing the guy standing on any corner with a cardboard placard and a cigar box so he must be doing quite well on his disability and social security.

What a world!



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Could be that he knows that he is going blind and has started to practice with a cane and dark glasses. My former neighbor in Mississippi knew that she was going blind about two years before it really happened. She started practicing with a her white cane about a year before she lost her sight.

I'm betting that is what you witnessed.

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The wifie has a masters in orientation and mobility for the blind - basically how to travel if you are blind. She says if the person is using the cane correctly they never should have hit the gate. A person could have very limited vision and be able to see a limb in front of their face but not stuff on the ground (thus the need for the cane). Too often people "teach themselves" cane travel and then are very unprotected - kinda like people who think they can do their own home inspection.

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Originally posted by hausdok

Aw Geez,

Just when I was feeling less like a heel for probably having left that gate open, by telling myself the guy is scamming, you guys come along and make me feel guilty all over again. [:-banghea




Properly trained in the use of a cane, it never would have happened to him. It's the hard headed, I can do it myself mentality that gets people hurt in life. There, feel all better now?


dispenser of the sauve

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My new get away

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