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Skipping An Inspection Can Drive One Batty


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I'm not sure that entry points would be obvious during a WDI inspection, or perhaps even during a Home Inspection. Those little buggers can enter through some pretty small or hidden places. But, the inspection of an attic should definitely be a part of a WDI/WDO inspection.

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Originally posted by hausdok

The kid thought he'd buy his mom a house but he only wanted a WDI inspection. Now he's wishing he hadn't been so cheap.

To learn the rest of the story, click here.


FWIW, here in Washington we would have found that. SPI's here in Washington State are required to inspect attics.

Good News Home Inspections? Really? (Deep sigh.)

Judging (maybe unfairly) by the buyer kid's style, I'd say he could make a pretty good profit by selling the guano to local cannabian entrepreneurs.


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