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Granite Countertops - Cause To Worry?


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To get the latest info from EPA about radon and granite countertops:

Start here: USEPA Indoor Air Quality

Once you are on that page, select FAQs up near the top of the page. Once on the FAQ page, pick "radon" in the "search by product" box and type "granite" (without the quotes) in the keyword box. Hit "search" and you'll find a FAQ titled "What about radon in granite countertops?" which, as I write this, was last updated on 7/29/2008.

(I could not get a direct link to the FAQ to work)

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Oh well, maybe a little extra radiation from my headstone will help the kids find me in the cemetary!

Most granite tops I have been seeing lately are so ugly they make me feel a little sick just looking at them. I especially like the two ton slabs that are installed with a little adhesive caulk and cedar shims.

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